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(by Ailancy) offers a wide range of services and tools to support your projects towards success. We intervene throughout the entire process of your development, from conception to production.

Aylios is the meeting point of digital and innovation enthusiasts.

Our mission is to awaken you to the possibilities offered by digital and to turn opportunities into success.

The coming together of digital and innovation enthusiasts.


We are a diverse team - geeks, methodical thinkers, strategists, artists - with a common vision: user first.

Our challenge is to implement intuitive solutions that precisely meet the needs of your users.


Our definition of innovation is the creation of value through technology.

To find this sweet spot, we explore a fabulous ecosystem of innovation, we experiment, and we forge our convictions to unleash your energy and build with you the solutions of tomorrow.


Our reason for being is to bring your ideas to life. We are makers, and we want to create successes with you that you are proud of.

Far from simply executing, our approach is decidedly collaborative and results-oriented.

To be “Digital Innovation Makers” means :

Expertise at the intersection of digital and innovation

To be 'Digital Innovation Makers' means:

Expertise at the intersection of digital and innovation.

Turning the idea into reality​

Digital Strategy​

Promoting responsible digital practices​

Environnemental impact​
Social impact

Mastering the codes of digital marketing​

Acquisition and engagement​

Harnessing the power of new technologies​


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Expertise at the intersection of digital and innovation.

they trust us

Nos nice stories

Expertise at the intersection of digital and innovation.

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Turning ideas into a reality​

Our Aylios digital consultants work alongside you to define your vision, business goals and also the best way to achieve them. 

On this journey, we have several steps:

First, assessing your current situation

Evaluate your digital maturity

To carry out your digital diagnosis, we have created a simple tool to determine your Digital Maturity Index (DMI®).​ ​

This allows us to position your company with regards to 3 areas : 

  • Experience & customer journeys
  • Organization and employees
  • IT operations & infrastructure

Then, expanding the field of possibilities

Picture your future use cases

We help you define your digital challenges and ambitions, identify digital pools of value and growth drivers… 

In short, we provide you with a value strategy that is consistent with your DNA and your raison d’être. 

And to go further, benefit from the opportunities brought by new disruptive players. We are active in the innovation ecosystem to grasp the trends of tomorrow, always at the service of your strategic thinking.

Finally, setting out a course to follow

(Less is more)

Prioritizing to move forward is the key to a successful strategy.

Our role is to help you prioritize your objectives, while considering your challenges, the complexity of each idea, as well as market trends.  

Then, together, we transform the identified objectives into a shared, stable strategy and a clear, achievable roadmap. We design your future business models

Promoting Responsible digital practices​

Building tomorrow’s innovative solutions means making more sustainable and responsible choices to :

  • Reduce the ecological footprint of digital technology within companies
  • Put people at the heart of your digital ambitions


To meet this challenge, we support you in a “strategy to delivery” approach:


We provide you with support to establish an overview of your infrastructure (data center, software, hardware, etc.), your practices (purchasing policies, reuse, recycling, etc.), the accessibility of pathways and the degree of appropriation of digital tools by your employees

… In short, a true 360° diagnosis

Action plan & roadmap​

Once the assessment is established, we share with you all the possible options to improve your environmental impact, and we build together the action plan. We also help you to structure a Green IT Governance ( a must for a successful transition) and to instill a real change in the company culture.

Support the overall implementation​

Implementation of new tools, new operating methods, change management, communication… we are at your side on all fronts

Mastering the codes of Digital Marketing​

To be visible, on the right channels for the right targets, you need to enable all possible action levers.

 Count on us to help you find the right recipe!

Performance analysis​

We work with you to define your “typical” customer profiles and the best way to attract them​


Organic or paid search engine optimization... we help you understand the rules of the game to boost your traffic​

Social Media

Using social media networks? Absolutely! But which ones? And how?​

Digital channels​

Emailing, texting, display campaigns... we break down all the options

Content Marketing

We help you define a three-part strategy: target / channels / content, to get your brand's message across

Lead management​

Get your customers' attention? That's good. Turning it into business success is even better. We help you optimize the entire value chain of lead transformation coming from digital channels

Harnessing the power of new technologies

Here at Aylios, you will find people with a passion (yes, yes) for these new technologies, who have developed real convictions in the field of digital journeys.

From the early stages of prospection to the integration phases (internal or external), we support you in building the solutions of tomorrow.

Processes of a new type​

RPA and AI, the winning duo for intelligent and efficient processes

With proven technologies nowadays, the combined use of AI and RPA can help you expand the limits of efficiency. Our challenge…to help you identify the processes/activities to optimize and create augmented robots that will free your teams from repetitive tasks.

Data is your friend

And yet, the data gold mine remains largely unexploited :  

Aylios will mobilize its data scientists to

  • Identify the most profitable customer segments : 
  • Quickly identify high potential prospects
  • Adopt predictive models
  • Optimize the data architecture 
  • Set up interactive dashboards …

Are you Open to
Innovation ? ​

And your digital offerings have no limits!

Modular services within an open ecosystem is possible thanks to technological maturity, increasingly innovative partners and new consumption modes (Anytime, Anywhere, Any device).

Create captivating experiences

The habit of using mainstream e-commerce sites, offering user-friendly journeys, has tremendously increased users’expectations. We aim to take up the challenge with you, and design tomorrow’s journeys for 100% satisfied users.

In agile we trust… to design the products of tomorrow

Do you want to design and build the products of tomorrow? Our agile project gurus are here to help you… whatever scale your ambitions reach.


Our « agile » approach

Practical / Custom-made / Value-oriented

And no, agility is not only a question of rituals, but a philosophy that fundamentally changes the way you carry out a project. To go from “saying” to “doing” agile, Aylios brings you :
– Its proven tools and methods
– Its talents that share the same passion for the Digital

Our « agile » approach ​

What if we went further?

You have tried the agile method, and you are now convinced that you want to deploy it on a larger scale? Aylios supports you in your agile projects

Providing support to the Digital Department of a retail bank in its digitalization program

Challenges & objectives​ :

We support the Digital Department in several areas: 

  1. support on both management and business issues
  2. in a logic of accelerating digital ambitions

Project context​ :

In the context of the COVID-19 health crisis, our client’s digital projects have been reprioritised. With these new deadline constraints, the team in charge of digital projects has requested our reinforcement in order to accelerate its work on the company’s entire digital project portfolio

Framing (ambitions, Digital roadmap, benchmarking, prototyping, technical orientations…) & support in agile methodology of the Digital Task Force with our digital consultants and product owners:

    • Redesign and modernization of website and mobile application for retail customers Retail
    • Redesign and modernization of professional customers website SME
    • Pain points processing for the company customer website Corporate
    • Benchmark, positioning study and recommendations for the evolution of the corporate customer website Corporate
    • Implementation of a digitalized and instantaneous onboarding process​
    • Digitalization of the online credit application process​
    • Redesign of the secure messaging system on retail customer digial channels and implementation of a document sharing/collecting space​
    • Support for the implementation of DSP2 and Open Banking APIs​
    • Redesign of the digital asset paths with a Fintech
    • Management of the mobile trajectory
    • Overhaul of the client perimeters management​

Our contributions

    • Knowledge and expertise of the banking market Retail / SME / Corporate


    • Mastery of agile approaches and ceremonies (ceremonies, sprints / iterations in cycles, prototyping, personae, MVP approach…)


    • Contribution of external lighting. Ability to mobilize Digital Consultants, Business Product Owners and Technical Product Owners / Business Analyst profiles​.
    • Many interventions in the construction and deployment of digital banking journeys

Definition of a Green IT strategy for the Operations and IT Department of a regional bank

Challenges & objectives​ :

We supported our client in order to : 

  1.  identify the best Green IT practices to implement / already implemented
  2. build an IT strategy aligned with the Bank’s CSR strategy
  3. improve its societal and environmental footprint through concrete and significant actions

Project context​ :

As part of the construction of its Medium Term Plan 2024, the Operations and IT Systems Department requested support to challenge its approach and, in particular, to gain insight into several cross-functional initiatives, including the Green IT strategy

A 3-step process unfolded over 10 weeks :

Step 1- External benchmarking and analysis of our Green IT best practices repository​

  • A workshop introducing the Green IT movement, its trends, the practices of financial institutions, as well as the application field of Green IT
  • A review of our best practices repository structured around 8 topics : 1/ Datacenters 2/ Software 3/ Uses 4/ Printing 5/ end-of-life management of equipment 6/ Purchasing 7/ Social 8/ Governance

Step 2- Internal diagnosis & gap analysis​​

  • Assessment of the Bank’s maturity in terms of Green IT practices in relation our Green IT repository
  • Co-construction of a list of best practices and evaluation of the priority, gap analysis / complexity of implementation, the implementation methods, the trajectory and objectives in the short term, medium term and long term, the KPIs to be put in place and the project in question for each best practice

Step 3- Synthesis report:

  • State of play and gap to target ​
  • Key principles and a strategy aligned with the Bank’s CSR policy​
  • List of good practices identified​
  • Action plan organized into workstreams
  • Multi-year trajectory to 2024​

Our contributions

  • Green IT repository of good practices​
  • Market trend study
  • Ability to challenge orientations
  • Definition of ambitions and construction of a multi-year trajectory in line with ambitions

 Exploratory phase for the redesign of a regional bank’s corporate webbanking portal

Challenges & objectives​ :

We provided support to the Corporate Marketing Department in order to :

  1.  define the ambitions, the objectives, the main guidelines of the future portal, as well as the customer promise

  2. ​establish the outlines of the target solution in an MVP logic

  3. ​elaborate the terms of implementation and success of the future program (planning, roadmap, stakeholders and financial elements)

Project context​ :

As part of its strategic plan for the corporate market, our client wanted to set up a new corporate Web Banking portal, covering a wide range of customers, in compliance with DSP2 requirements and designed within an Open Banking logic.

A 3-step process unfolded over 10 weeks​

Step 1-External benchmark and definition of ambitions – 4 weeks​

  • Benchmark of competitive portals​
  • 30+ interviews – pain points, needs and requirements​
  • “Vision” workshop to define:
    • Ambitions and objectives​
    • Operating guidelines ​
    • The customer promise​

Step 2-Definition of the needs and prioritization – 4 weeks​

  • « Persona » workshop​
  • Workshops to prioritize features (+100) combining “Business Value” and “Feasibility” scores​
  • Prioritization of features: P1-P2-P3-P4​
  • Definition of the IT architecture​
  • Definition of the different MVPs​

Step 3-Synthesis report -​ 2 weeks

  • MVP Scope​
  • Implementation plan & recommendations​
  • Project budgeting and financial trajectory​
  • Project roadmaps​

Our contributions

  • Knowledge and expertise of the corporate market

  • Providing external insight 

  • Ability to align business drivers and IT issues with the company’s strategy

  • Numerous contributions to the construction and deployment of digital banking solutions

Exploratory phase for the redesign of the Web & Mobile channels of a Private Bank, then support with its implementation

Challenges & objectives​ :

We collaborated with our client in order to :

  1. ​define the ambitions, the objectives, the guidelines of the future portal, as well as the customer promise

  2. ​establish the contours of the target solution in an MVP logic

  3. ​elaborate the conditions of implementation and success of the future program (planning, roadmap, stakeholders and financial elements)

  4. ​support the design of future Web & Mobile portals using agile methodology​​

Project context​ :

As part of its IT Transformation plan, our client decided to redesign its Web & Mobile portals in order to provide the Bank with state-of-the-art tools covering a wide range of functionalities (including selfcare), in compliance with DSP2 requirements (strong authentication), with modern ergonomics and fluid, seamless and instinctive customer journeys.

A 2-stage approach :

Step 1- The exploratory phase – 3 months​

  • Framing, external input and definition of the vision (benchmark of competitors, inventory of expectations and pain points, target personas, ambitions and customer promise) ​
  • A precise definition of needs and prioritization of functionalities (prioritization of functionalities & backlog, prototyping of key paths, technical target)​​
  • Synthesis and preparation for implementation (RFI to select the partner – buy vs. build, setting of orientations, planning & financial trajectory, roadmaps)​

Step 2- Support in the implementation using the agile methodology – 12 months​

  • Framing & managing the project​
  • Backlog management
  • Prototyping / wireframing of journeys​
  • User stories writing​
  • Conducting agile ceremonies and monitoring developments​
  • Testing & deployment​

Our contributions

    •  Knowledge and expertise in banking and innovation
    • Providing external insights  

    • Ability to align business drivers and IT issues with the company’s strategy
    • Mastering agile approaches and rituals (rituals, sprints / iterations in cycles, prototyping, personae, MVP approach…)
    • Ability to engage Digital Consultants, Business Product Owners and Technical Product Owners / Business Analyst profiles
    • Many interventions in the construction and deployment of digital banking paths

Opportunity study conducted for a leading insurer to offer financial and extra-financial products and services in the home ownership journey within an Open Banking approach

Challenges & objectives :

We worked alongside the customer Digital Journeys Department to : 

  1. identify the pain points on this journey and shed light on the innovative initiatives put in place around the world to address these pain points
  2. define the strategic stakes on this journey and position the customer on the value chain
  3. identify the main usecases and develop together 2 major usecases

Project context :

In order to collect more data and multiply contact points with its customers, we helped our client to explore the possibility of offering financial and extra-financial services to its customers in an Open Banking logic. The home ownership path was prioritized.

A 3-step process unfolded over 6 weeks : ​

Step 1-Workshop planning – 3 weeks​

  • Identifying the different stages of the home ownership journey​
  • Identifying customer pain points and expectations on this journey for each type of persona​
  • Gaining insights into innovative trends and Open Banking on these journeys (France + major international initiatives) and identifying concrete usecases associated with each pain point​

Step 2-Design Thinking workshops – 2 weeks

Animation of 2 co-construction / design thinking workshops:

  • Presentation of pain points and innovative initiatives on this journey
  • Definition of 5 strategic issues in order to allow the customer to position himself on the value chain of the journey
  • Prioritization of identified use cases and declination of two main usecases in a Design Thinking approach

Step 3-Synthesis report – 1 week​

Description of the use cases covered:​
    • Stage of the journey concerned, and pain points covered​
    • Customer needs and actors impacted​
    • Products or services offering​
    • Data collected​
  • Distribution channels​
  • Illustration with concrete use cases​

Our contributions

  • Detailed knowledge of the FinTechs & Innovation ecosystem in France and Europe
  • Ability to lead Design Thinking / Customer Journey workshops
  • Contribution of a proven methodology to prioritize usecases based on business value and feasibility criteria
  • Multiple projects in the construction of Open Banking strategies

Supporting an insurer in the launch of new insurance offers in a servicing / open insurance logic, in partnership with non-financial players

Challenges & objectives:

We have supported the Offer and Marketing Department in order to : 

  1. Design an offer with the highest standards, enriched with numerous services
  2. Be recognized as the leader in customer experience, as an advisor and collaborator
  3. Successfully launch this new offer, and change the marketing approach of the insurance product (MRH)

Project context​ :

Our client wanted to launch a new, innovative and state of the art MRH offer.
The design of this offer was accompanied by a total overhaul of the customer and advisor journey.

A 3-step process unfolded over 12 months​:

Step 1- Ideation (3 months)

  • Benchmark of offers and services​
  • Definition of insurance guarantees: customer segmentation, pricing strategy, workshops for guarantees’ selection…​​
  • Definition of services: ​
    • ​Choice of innovative services and sourcing of partners ​
    • ​Digital services, proposed in an Open insurance logic​

Step 2- Conception (7 months)

  • Detailed design of the offer (with different formulas) and pricing
  • Design and implementation of the journey (subscription journey, contract management, compensation, etc.)​​
  • Implementation of services (RFP, partner selection, business plan, Customer Journeys, contracting, training, etc.)
  • Definition of objectives partners and management methods​

Step 3 – Deployment (2 months)

  • Deployment strategy: planning, pilots, marketing tools, training and support plan for employees​
  • Definition, implementation and follow-up of digital marketing actions​
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring system (surveys, NPS, etc.)
  • Optimization of customer journeys (analysis of tagging plans, evolutions, etc.)​

Our contributions

  • In-depth knowledge of the P & C insurance business
  • Ability to accompany the client through all phases of the project: from design to market launch
  • A mastery of the partnership approach and open finance use cases