Providing support to the Digital Department of a retail bank in its digitalization program

We support the Digital Department in several areas :

  1. Support on both management and business issues.
  2. In a logic of accelerating digital ambitions.

In the wake of the COVID-19 health crisis, our client’s digital projects have been reprioritized. With these new deadline constraints, the team in charge of digital projects requested Ailancy to accelerate its efforts on the company’s entire digital project portfolio..

Framing (ambitions, digital trajectory, benchmarking, prototyping, technical orientations…) & support in agile methodology of the LCL Digital Task Force with our digital consultants and product owners:

  1. Redesign and modernization of website and mobile application for retail customers (PART)​
  2. Redesign and modernization of professional customers website (PRO)​
  3. Pain points processing for the company customer website (ENT)​
  4. Benchmark, positioning study and recommendations for the evolution of the company customer website (ENT)​
  5. Implementation of a digitalized and instantaneous onboarding process​.
  6. Digitalization of the online credit application process​.
  7. Redesign of the secure messaging system on retail customer digital channels and implementation of a document sharing/collecting space​.
  8. Support for the implementation of DSP2 and Open Banking APIs​.
  9. Redesign of the digital asset paths with a Fintech​.
  10. Management of the mobile trajectory.
  11. Overhaul of the client perimeters management​.
  • Knowledge and expertise of the banking market (PART / PRO / ENT)​.
  • Mastery of agile approaches and ceremonies (ceremonies, sprints / iterations in cycles, prototyping, personae, MVP approach…)​.
  • Contribution of external lighting Ability to mobilize Digital Consultants, Business Product Owners and Technical Product Owners / Business Analyst profiles.
  • Many interventions in the construction and deployment of digital banking journeys.

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