Opportunity study conducted for a leading insurer to offer financial and extra-financial products and services in the home ownership process within an Open Banking approach

We worked alongside the customer Digital Journeys Department to :

  1. Identify the pain points on this journey and shed light on the innovative initiatives put in place around the world to address these pain points.
  2. Define the strategic stakes on this journey and position the customer on the value chain.
  3. Identify the main usecases and develop together 2 major usecases.

In order to collect more data and multiply contact points with its customers, we helped our client to explore the possibility of offering financial and extra-financial services to its customers in an Open Banking logic. The home ownership path was prioritized.​

Workshop planning – 3 weeks

  • Identifying the different stages of the home ownership journey.
  • Identifying customer pain points and expectations on this journey for each type of persona.
  • Gaining insights into innovative trends and Open Banking on these journeys (France + major international initiatives) and identifying concrete usecases associated with each pain point.

Design Thinking workshops – 2 weeks​

Animation of 2 co-construction / design thinking workshops :

  • Presentation of pain points and innovative initiatives on this journey.
  • Definition of 5 strategic issues in order to allow the customer to position himself on the value chain of the journey​.
  • Prioritization of identified use cases and design thinking of 2 UCs​.

Synthesis report – 1 week​

Description of the use cases covered : Stage of the journey concerned, Customer needs and actors impacted​, Products or services made available​, Data collected​, Methods of provision (internal development, Fintech partnership…)​, Distribution channels​, Illustration of concrete cases studied​

  • Detailed knowledge of the FinTechs & Innovation ecosystem in France and Europe​.
  • Ability to lead Design Thinking / Customer Journey workshops.
  • Contribution of a proven methodology to prioritize usecases based on business value and feasibility criteria​.
  • Multiple projects in the construction of Open Banking strategies.

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