Exploratory phase for the redesign of a regional bank’s corporate webbanking portal

We provided support to the Corporate Marketing Department in order to :

  1. Define the ambitions, the objectives, the main guidelines of the future portal, as well as the customer promise
  2. Establish the outlines of the target solution in an MVP logic​
  3. Elaborate the terms of implementation and success of the future program (planning, roadmap, stakeholders and financial elements)​

As part of its strategic plan for the corporate market, our client wanted to set up a new corporate Web Banking portal, covering a wide range of customers, in compliance with DSP2 requirements and designed within an Open Banking logic.​

External benchmark and definition of ambitions – 4 weeks :

  • Benchmark of competitive portals.​
  • 30+ interviews – pain points, needs and requirements.
  • A workshop untitled “vision” to define :
    • Ambitions and objectives​
    • Operating guidelines
    • The customer promise​​

Precise understanding of the need and priorization – 4 weeks:

  • « Persona » workshop​
  • Workshops to prioritize features (+100) combining “Business Value” and “Feasibility” scores​
  • Prioritization of features: P1-P2-P3-P4​
  • Definition of the IT architecture​
  • Definition of the different MVPs​

Synthesis report – 2 weeks:

  • MVP Scope
  • Implementation plan & recommendations​
  • Project budgeting and financial trajectory​
  • Project roadmaps​

Nos apports:

  • Knowledge and expertise of the business market​
  • Providing external insight ​
  • Ability to align business drivers and IT issues with the company’s strategy​
  • Numerous contributions to the construction and deployment of digital banking solutions​

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