Promoting Responsible digital practices​

Building tomorrow’s innovative solutions means making more sustainable and responsible choices to :

  • Reduce the ecological footprint of digital technology within companies
  • Put people at the heart of your digital ambitions

To meet this challenge, we support you in a “strategy to delivery” approach:

Pour relever ce challenge, nous vous accompagnons dans une optique “stratégy to delivery”

We provide you with support to establish an overview of your infrastructure (data center, software, hardware, etc.), your practices (purchasing policies, reuse, recycling, etc.), the accessibility of pathways and the degree of appropriation of digital tools by your employees

… In short, a true 360° diagnosis

Once the assessment is established, we share with you all the possible options to improve your environmental impact, and we build together the action plan. We also help you to structure a Green IT Governance ( a must for a successful transition) and to instill a real change in the company culture.

Implementation of new tools, new operating methods, change management, communication… we are at your side on all fronts

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In agile we trust… to design the products of tomorrow

Do you want to design and build the products of tomorrow? Our agile project gurus are here to help you… whatever scale your ambitions reach.


Our « agile » approach

Practical / Custom-made / Value-oriented

And no, agility is not only a question of rituals, but a philosophy that fundamentally changes the way you carry out a project. To go from “saying” to “doing” agile, Aylios brings you :
– Its proven tools and methods
– Its talents that share the same passion for the Digital

Our « agile » approach ​

What if we went further?

You have tried the agile method, and you are now convinced that you want to deploy it on a larger scale? Aylios supports you in your agile projects